About Unique Solution Engineering Consultancy
Unique Solutions Engineering Consultancy and Suppliers Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative systems and engineering suppling company offering strategic integration and business services. Our prices and level of service are very competitive because we know the value of giving our clients a positive and profitable experience.

Now our small and medium business customers benefit from that collective experience with Unique Solutions. Typically this is best for mechanical engineering services has been out of reach due to the expense of maintaining an in-house team of techanical specialists.

We are committed to delivering a professional and affordable solution with a wide range of technical services to our customers and we strive to deliver nothing less. We want our success to be your success!

Basic Information

In 2014 (2071B.S.) Unique Solution Engineering Consultancy & Suppliers was established.
Current staff: 10
Operating in all over the Nepal.
Company Registration Number: 123604/70/071
Permanent identification number: 601886113
VAT Registration No. 601886113 IRD, Lalitpur
Bank account: Everest Bank Limited, Gwarko, Lalitpur
Bank account number: 02300105200525